Very soon, before we even know it, the Summer will be drawing to a close. By Mid September many D.I.Y removals are carried out on the roads by parents relocating their offspring to a University town or city. This is the time when they realize that the family vehicle was not designed for the transportation of these many items. The time can be extremely stressful for all parties. However, with over 30 years of experience in packing items for relocation, Hobbs Removals in Milton Keynes are only too happy to offer you some removals advice to make the day easier and stress-free.

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Don’t overfill your boxes.

This might sound like common sense but it is very important. The temptation is to try and pack all of your items into as few boxes as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to overloading your boxes making them either too heavy to lift or damaging the box, rendering the entire packing process futile. Don’t overfill. Use the correct box type for the items placed inside. Small strong boxes for heavier items, such as books. And larger boxes for less heavy items. Toiletries are best transported in plastic boxes so as to avoid any leakages.

Making a checklist

Starting university and moving to a new city will probably mean that you have a million and one different things going on in your head at this time. So, just to make sure that you don’t forget anything we would suggest creating your own checklist well in advance of moving day. On here you will note all the things that you will need to pack, including all your electronic accessories, clothes, documents. You can add things as of when they come to mind prior to the move. This will also give you a chance to think about any special packaging materials that you are going to require for certain things.

The Reverse Packing removals advice tip

When you finally get around to actually packing your items into your boxes, it’s a good idea to pack the items you least need first, and the more important items to you last. This makes accessing the items you need most much easier. So instead of having to rummage through all your clothes to get to your phone charger or mp3 player, you can access them easily and you know exactly where they are.

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Organize your boxes.

Organizing your boxes is essential for a stress-free relocation. Make sure to group all similar items together in the same boxes. So clothes, toiletries, electronics, stationary books, etc. all should have their own box. Then you also need to label your boxes correctly.

Hopefully these few removals tips should help to make your BIG move to university go much smoother and stress free. If you would like some more removals tips please check out our previous posts HERE and HERE One last tip though, when you are packing up the car, don’t forget your mum and dad!