If your reading this then you have already decided on your next home, which is great, you are probably excited at the prospect that the day you are going to move is fast approaching. For some people, this can fill them with the anxiety of how they will get it all done by the moving date. The best removal firms in Milton Keynes will no doubt be able to give you some moving advice. Hobbs Removals is often peoples first choice for moving house.

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Of course, you can’t pack away everything, you will probably go on using much of your stuff right up to the last day. So first of all pack the belongings which you know you won’t be using prior to your move. It’s a good idea to do this room by room. Order enough boxes and place in each room. Don’t worry if you underestimate the number of boxes you need, this is quite common and your favourite of the removal firms in Milton Keynes will be only too pleased to drop off some more. This is because most people tend to have far more things than they thought they have when it comes to boxing up. A few more packing tips can be found here

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The general rule here is if you haven’t used an item in the last 2 years then you don’t need it. In fact, many people when faced with this dilemma, choose to take unwanted items to charity. A far better choice to do this than to just take them to the tip, or throw them away. Plus you will have the benefit of freeing yourself up from unwanted things which in many instances will be exactly what someone else was just looking for. If you walk down any city high street, you will usually find at least a couple of charity shops where you can offload your unwanted things. Sales of your items will go to good causes such as Cancer, Stroke, Help the Aged, all amazing research into these funded mostly on charitable donations. These shops are usually run by volunteers who will be delighted to take your donations. So with this in mind have a few black bin bags ready and what you decide not to take to your new place goes in the charity bag.

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You will be amazed at how god the feels letting go of things and not carrying around stuff you haven’t used for a while actually makes you feel better. So with boxes in each room you can, having tabled them with a brief description and to which room they will go in will make your move a lot easier. You may have items of furniture that may not ‘fit’ your new home, again some of the larger charities, such as St Lukas Hospice and The Heart Foundation will be pleased to take them for resale at one of their larger retail shops. Freeing you to choose items that will fit ideally in your new home. Planning your décor for a new home is always exciting and challenging giving you new options you didn’t have before. Not everyone can afford an interior decorator, so this will give you the opportunity to both plan and develop your own unique style. Enjoy the challenge! And remember, always look for the best removal firms in Milton Keynes… that will be Hobbs.