On the off chance that you’ve never used one of the better removal companies in Milton Keynes to move house, or perhaps it’s been some time since you did, you may well find it to be a minefield. Attempting to make sense of everything and choose who to trust with your personal items, worth thousands, can make the idea stressful from the start. Here at Hobbs removals in Milton Keynes, we’ve put together a short guide to help you get on with a stress-free move!

Better Removal Companies Milton Keynes

When moving day comes around it’s very likely you’re already under enough pressure! You’ll have buyers or landlords, waiting. Estate agents and solicitors trying to squeeze every last drop of fees from you. Utility companies that need informing and updating. Tradesmen for any alterations to your new place, the list can go on and on. Removal companies in Milton Keynes will take on the vast majority of the physical work that goes into making the house move to relieve all, the stress and backache that goes with it. A removals company should typically help you out in the following areas:

Better Removal Companies in Milton Keynes

A quality established removal firm should carry out a pre-moving survey to appreciate what your house relocation involves and make sure that the correct resources are at hand for the move to run efficiently come move day. Things like: the right lorry size, the number of staff and the correct packing materials. They should help you plan the whole thing and coordinate your moving dates so everything runs effortlessly without stress. They should also provide packing materials, whether they are undertaking the packing for you or you are doing it yourselves. They will also give you guidance and support in preparing for move day from advising you how on how to safely pack your favourite breakables to organizing the parking access at both the property you are leaving and your new home.

On move day

A fully trained and experienced team of professional staff members will come to your house, to introduce themselves and make sure they understand everything that’s important to you at the property you are moving from. Remember to try and protect any part of your property that could be at risk of damage. You might want to put some floor protection where it’s needed. Most moving companies will provide the option of packing. This would include full or part packing service, or perhaps just your breakables.

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The moving team will then load all the items to be moved and transport it to your new property and unload everything. This should include assembling any dissembled furniture from your previous home and if you paid for unpacking services, they should also take away any used and unwanted packing materials. All moving companies should always provide full transit insurance in case of any unintentional damages during the removal process.

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