Our Checklist For Moving Home in Hemel Hempstead

Moving Home in Hemel Hempstead? You’ve finally found your new home. All there is to do is to move in. That should be easy, shouldn’t it?
Well, not necessarily. There are many things you may not have yet accounted for. From letting your broadband supplier know your new address to locate the fuse box at your new property.
To make sure you don’t forget anything here’s the first part of our Hobbs Removals and Storage Hemel Hempstead checklist for your move day.

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1. Confirm Your moving in date

First, make sure you get your conveyancers and estate agent sellers to confirm the moving date.
You may be able to spread the moving process out over several days. This would mean that you can get any work that needs doing, like carpet cleaning or painting, without the stress of having to move in all at once and do everything at the same time.

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2. Give notice to your rental agency if you are renting

If you are renting, it’s a good idea to let your landlord know the date you are planning to move out. Ideally, this will coincide with the end of your contract and will avoid you having to pay rent for both old and new properties at the same time.

3. Contact your utility suppliers

Make sure that you let the utility suppliers that you use, know that you’re moving. This would include phone and broadband suppliers, as well as electricity, and gas companies. They will all need to know when you will be vacating the property.

Remember to give your phone and broadband suppliers, which will probably be moving with you, as much notice as you can, as moving these services may take up to a couple of weeks. This wait for your internet connection to be switched over to your new property may mean that you don’t have access to things you may need online. So it may be a good idea for you to download anything important you think you may need, like instructions for your appliances, any directions you may need, and those films you have been planning to watch. If you do end up for a period without any internet when you move into your new place, remember to try using your phone on the nearest mobile hotspot. It’s not a long-term solution but will help you stay connected.

Finally, remember to take a final meter reading at your old property and give them on to your current suppliers. Taking a photo of the meter may help, and the image will have a timestamp, showing exactly what the reading was when you vacated the property.

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4. Get a few quotes on your moving costs when Moving Home in Hemel Hempstead

When it comes to moving home, everything depends on what is practical for your available budget and the size of your property. You may think that it would be cheaper and better to rent a van, rope in a few friends, and do it yourself. Just remember, this way can easily add to the already mounting stress of relocating your home, so just make sure it is right for you.

You usually can’t go wrong with a reputable moving and storage firm like ours here at Hobbs removals and Storage.

Catch up next week for part 2 of our Moving Home in Hemel Hempstead checklist.