Over the years Hobbs Removals Milton Keynes have been asked by many of our customers for the best and least stressful moving home advice for pet owners.

Your pets may suffer an emotional reaction to the upheaval of moving, so do give some thought as to how you are going to help them get through the process. Here are a few ideas to help you make the experience more comfortable for them:


moving home advice for pet owners

Cats are extremely territorial and can become confused and disorientated when they are moved. When you move house, you are also likely to be moving your cat into another cat’s territory, which can cause real problems at first.

On the day of the move, it is best to shut your cat into one room in the house, with a food bowl and water – not to mention a litter tray – just to keep him or her away from the removal process. Put a notice on the door to remind people not to go in, or the cat may bolt. Some people suggest leaving them in their cat carrier with calming spray on their blanket. Keep your cat inside for two weeks after the move and look out for injuries in the following weeks as the neighbourhood cats jostle for territory.


Many people choose to put their dog into kennels or leave it with a friend on the day of the move. This is more for your convenience than for the dog’s, who generally seem much happier about moving house than cats.

However, dogs are more likely to pick up on your own stress than cats, so it may be kinder all round to have them out of the way when moving home. If you can’t do this, then consider using a relaxing pheromone spray which you can buy over the counter at a pet shop. These sprays work well to calm dogs down if they show signs of anxiety, and they are safe too. Our Moving Home Advice would be that it might also be worth locking your dog in a single room of your new home, as you would with a cat, to keep them out of the way.

moving dogs when moving home


If you have a large tropical fish tank, you will need to plan ahead. Remove the fish and put them in a poly-box fish transport container which you can borrow or hire from an aquatic centre. These containers are used in the industry for transporting fish and are ideal. Use water from the tank to store them until the day of the move. Fish tanks are extremely heavy, so do not try and move one yourself. Leave it to the professionals, who are used to moving heavy items safely. Set your tank up and transfer the fish back in to their normal environment as soon as possible when you move to the new property in Milton Keynes. They may not feed for a couple of days after the transfer.

We hope this moving home advice will help you and if you have any stranger and more exotic pets that need transporting that are not listed above then give Hobbs house removals a call and we will do our best to advise you.