After you move to a new house a few times you realise that after the first initial excitement, the hard work really starts in the run-up to moving day. You realize that everything you believed would have taken five minutes is, in fact, going to take more like thirty, and things you thought were going to take an hour is actually going to take three hours. When move day finally arrives, a long, slow, day of heavy lifting ensues, with the odd random problems arising. When all is lifted, carried and loaded into your new home, you don’t have a minute to relax before you realize just how much that is left to be done. In the meantime, life, as always, goes on and your time and attention are needed for all the day to day things that still need doing. It’s no wonder so many of us find moving to be stressful. These tips on how to make moving house easier and a lot less stressful are a great place to begin.

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Acknowledge that the moving process is stressful

Acknowledging that moving home is stressful starts with acceptance of the fact. You are less likely to get stressed by setbacks if you accept from the start that these things happen. It’s part of life. Stress is the normal human reaction to challenging situations, it’s not the end of the world. Acknowledge the feeling of stress when it arises but don’t let it take over from the tasks at hand that need to be done.

Make sure you have sufficient time

One of the greatest causes of stress when relocating is time. Not having enough of it, to be precise. A stress-free house move may not be possible, but it can be made a whole lot easier by making sure you have enough time for getting everything done. Give time for packing each room. Up to a week for a 3-bedroom house. Also, give yourself enough time for things like seeking out a reputable removals company, setting up the utilities at your new property and disconnecting the utilities from your old one, cleaning up the house you are leaving. If you leave everything to the last minute, you will inevitably begin to feel anxious and the stress will begin early. You can read more removals advice here and more moving tips here.

Hire professional movers definitely make moving house easier

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To be honest, nothing can make moving house easier and relieve the stress of moving house more than hiring a top-quality professional moving company. Not only do they do all the heavy lifting for you on moving day, but a professional removals company can also help pack your personal items and wrap them up safely. While transporting them fully insured. Packing services can help no-end when it comes to those hard to pack items such as lamps, artworks, and expensive electricals and precious ornaments. This means a lot less work for you in the end, and the stress factor of move day will go down substantially. Just make certain that you hire a moving company with an established reputation of dependable and honest services, otherwise, you could well end up with more stress as an alternative to less. We have depots in Milton Keynes, Watford, Luton, and Hemel Hempstead.

We hope these words of wisdom serve you well. Also, check out our new Alesbury and Bedford removals pages.