To make the house moving experience the best it can be, and to make things easier on you, it may be wise to make a list of things you need to get done before, during and after the move. Since you have already found a new place to live, you can already check one thing off your list of what you need to do. Finding someone to move your belongings to your new home is another important part of what to do before you move. Hiring Hobbs Removals may be just what you are looking for when moving house and home.

So you’ve bought a new house. Arranged the mortgage agreements. Reserved the particular removing company that you have found (Hobbs Removals). The next step to complete will be packing. However, that could be a demanding process. So here are some guidelines to help you. They should make your headache go away on move day.

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When House Moving Don’t Forget…

The most annoying thing about relocating to a brand new house is forgetting where you put the basic daily items.

Rubbish bin bags, tissue paper, telephone, battery chargers, kitchen roll, eating utensils, choice pots and pans, screwdrivers/tools, your own laptop computer.  Place these in a container at the beginning of your day. These items will always be in easy reach once you find all of them. Helping you solve the problem instead of mumbling the expression.  “I’m certain they were right here someplace.”

Make sure you book the house removals company well in advance so as to ensure that they are available at your preferred time. Remember that moving home at weekends means the busiest time of the week for house moving companies, so moving mid-week would mean a lot more availability and some firms like us here at Hobbs removals will actually offer discounts for moving during the week.

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You should neither overfill your boxes nor have them relatively empty. Optimal packing is what is needed. Overfilled boxes would tear apart and they are difficult to carry and manage. Half filled or relatively empty boxes will crumble under pressure and whatever is in there will get damaged. If you have some space in a box, then think of similar items that can go with the stuff that is already in there. You must always adhere to the best practice of about thirty pounds per box. You may also ask your house removals company if they have a certain preference in regards to weight. After all, they would be loading and unloading the stuff.

Always consider access both from your old property and to your new one. Will any of your furniture need to be dismantled in order to get them through doorways or downstairs? Some home removals firms in Milton Keynes, Watford, or Hemel Hempstead do not provide this service or charge extra for it. Also if you are paying by the hour, then reassembling and disassembling will add a lot of time and therefore money onto your moving expenses.