Moving house is a process that most people don’t look forward to. Not only do you have to contact utility companies and clean the entire property before you leave, but you also need to hire a removals company, and pack your belongings safely, and securely. To help make the process smoother for you, Hobbs Removals Milton Keynes tips offer ten simple packing tips for moving home.

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Start Early

If you’ve got a relatively large home, packing is going to take at least a couple of months. The earlier you start, the less likely you are to find yourself in a state of panic as the moving date draws closer.


It’s better to have more bubble wrap, newspaper, boxes, and tape than you could ever possibly need – than to not have enough. However, if you need Hobbs Removals Milton Keynes to drop you off any packing materials then please check out our packing page. We pride ourselves in offering the best moving service and removals company tips.

Pack Things You Don’t Use Often, First

It sounds obvious, but pack the items you don’t use regularly first, before moving onto things that you need on a weekly, or even daily basis. For instance, start with winter clothes, then move on to pieces of small furniture.

Get Rid of Whatever You Don’t Want

Hold a garage sale and get rid of some neglected items that you don’t want to take with you, or hire a skip and throw them away. The more you declutter, the less you need to pack.

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Hobbs Removals Milton Keynes Tips …

First, Don’t Overpack

Even if you can manage to lift a seriously heavy box without pulling a muscle or hurting your back, the boxes might crumble under the weight, so be reasonable when you start shoving in items.

Fill Empty Gaps

Fill up empty gaps in the boxes where items might move around with newspapers, to keep fragile pieces secure during the journey.

Label Your Boxes

Either write the room that each box belongs to, or colour-coordinate your boxes for packing, this will make unpacking a lot easier when you get to your destination.

Pack One Room at a Time

Try to get the whole of one room put away before you move onto the next one – this will reduce your chances of leaving important things behind simply because you got distracted.

Leave More than One Box for Last Minute Essentials

Toothbrushes, makeup, hairbrushes and medicine should all be packed last minute, but leave extra boxes spare just in case.

Put Heavier Boxes on the Bottom of the Van

When storing boxes in your moving truck, remember that heavier ones should go on the bottom, with the lighter on top, so that nothing gets broken or crushed.

Remember, if you have pets, then you may want to read our guide to moving with pets. We hope you find these Hobbs Removals Milton Keynes tips useful on your next move. Here you can find some more of our removals advice f0r students. Please call us today or visit our website for a free quote.