Although both removal companies and man-and-van type operations are capable of handling house moving, they differ a lot in their ability and level of service. If you are to planning to move from a small one bed flat and need a cheap way to transport your furniture and items, then hiring a man with a van company is probably an easy solution. You will need a bigger relocation service.

For bigger moves, such as relocating the contents of a three-bed house, then a removal company like Hobbs would definitely be more suitable. We don’t deny that man-a-van services are able to cope with larger relocations, but, loading your items and furniture and transporting them will usually take much longer. This is due to the smaller vans they use and less trained staff. Often they don’t have subsidiary services like packing and storage. Then there is always the option of renting a van yourself and roping in family and friends to pack, load and transport all of your belongings. They say moving home can be the third most stressful situation in a person’s life, after death and divorce. Let us tell you from experience, that this last option (hiring a van and doing it yourself) increases the chances of move day being filled with problems and stress three hundred times more likely.

Removal specialists like Hobbs based here in Milton Keynes can do all the hard work for you, making the day of the move stress-free and without all the hassle. Trust us when we tell you that loading and unloading your items and furniture is a very tiring undertaking. It is definitely something that new homeowners could do with not having to deal with on top of everything else. Leave the heavy lifting to our fully trained porters and you can get on with a pleasant moving experience into your new home.

relocation service

So, if you’re in need of a more comprehensive relocation service, then a removal company like ours fits the bill. We can take care of everything for you from packing your personal items, disassembling any furniture that needs it, then loading on to our fully kitted removal lorries. Then, once we get there, we also do all the unloading, and any reassembling of furniture as well. Hobbs and other removal companies of similar size are different from your average variety man-and-van type outfits in that we the capacity for larger, long-distance relocations. 3 or 4 bedroom houses are easily carried out with the use of our staff and vehicles. Also, its useful to bear in mind that with larger vans, like the ones in our fleet, transferring your items and furniture to your new home will only require only a single trip.

Remember, when it comes to finding an adequate relocation service in Milton Keynes,  for your house move, don’t skimp on costs. Yes, there are many ways you could save money on this part of your relocation endeavor, but when buying properties, with all the extra expenses that come with it, is it really worth saving a few quid when it could result in hugely stressful experience and possibly even damaged items and furniture. We hope you take our advice and book your next move with Hobbs Removals and Storage.