Moving house can be daunting and stressful. We all know that. Organizing everything, packing everything, transporting everything and co-ordinating everything can seem like an endless uphill struggle. Hobbs removals and storage Milton Keynes have been providing a low-cost cheap removals service for over 35 years, so can offer you some help in this department. Follow the advice given here and your next relocation will be a breeze. Happy Moving!

1. Eliminate the items you really don’t need
As you are sorting through all your personal belongings for the move, why not get rid of what you really don’t need? It’s the perfect opportunity to sell, dump, donate or donate the stuff you don’t want. Think of a lifeless cluttered and more minimal. It will make your move a bit easier in the process.

2. Wrap your drawers In cling-film with everything inside
Use cling-film wrap around your cabinet and clothes drawers so as to keep them shut in transit. The items will be fine staying in the drawers and save on space and packing. This could be done with any drawers you have. If some are empty, why not use them for storage in time for the relocation process.

3. Put together an essentials box
A lot of people won’t think of this, and they will end up searching through unending boxes on the day of the move just to get to the toothpaste or the tea bags and kettle. Try to remember to pack yourself an ‘essentials box’ for the first day and night that you move into your new home. This should contain all your necessities. Such as your vital toiletries, clothes, and all the items and foodstuffs that you will you’ll need. Don’t forget a few dishes and cutlery or your hair-dryer.

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4. Produce a moving schedule
Forward planning makes life easier and you are less likely to be overwhelmed.
Listing things like defrosting the freezer, cleaning out your refrigerator. Canceling and moving your utility services. Redirecting your mail. These things all take time. So a scheduled ‘to do’ list will help no end.

5. Take photos of the back of your electrical items before unplugging
Before disconnecting your electrical devices and boxing them up to make sure to take a photo on your mobile so that you can remember where all the wires and leads go. It can get confusing without the instruction guide. With a photo before you unplug all the leads and power plugs will save the hassle when you arrive at your new property and want to set them up again. This is great removals advice.

6. Source your moving boxes for free
Save yourself some money by finding all the boxes that you will need for packing, for free!
Supermarkets, shops of all kinds have their products delivered in boxes. Asking them to spare a few will usually get a positive response. Also, large cash and carry type stores often sell them cheap, in bulk.

So there you have it. 6 great tips from Hobbs your quality local and cheap removals service.