After last months post we thought we would add some more advice for moving home.

Always consider how you will relocate your pets on moving day. Most house moves are stressful enough for us humans, it can be doubly stressful for our pets. Generally, it is better to move your pets prior to moving day. If they can stay with family or friends whilst your move takes place then this is ideal and you can move them into your new property once you are settled and all unpacked. Failing this then do please move your pets to your new home in your car rather than the removals lorry.

Don’t forget to defrost all your fridges and freezers at least one full day prior to your moving day. If you can try to run down the frozen contents over the last few weeks before the planned relocation.

In fact all kitchen appliances that use water, such as freezers, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers etc should be completely drained and dried out prior to your move.

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Also, ensure that all petrol powered tools, such as Garden Tools and Equipment are drained and cleaned in advance of any relocation.

Remember to collect all light shades before moving home, this would include any lampshades, ceiling and wall lamps.

Make sure that any paint or other potentially problematic liquids are stored in leak proof containers. These should then be packed in plastic bags prior to placing them into moving boxes in order to minimize the effect any spillage may have.

It does not need to be said that if you are going to redecorate and fit new carpets at your new home, then this is always done well in advance where and when it is possible.

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Please remember when you are packing your delicate and valuable items that the ink from newspapers will rub off. To avoid this problem you will need to use plain wrapping paper. It’s a good idea to wrap all your ornaments, glassware and other fragile items in kitchen roll. This way you could then use newspaper after to wrap around the items to give them more protection. Always label the boxes with these items in as ‘FRAGILE’. Please see our packing page if you need some quality supplies.

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If you are a family with young children then it is always advisable to have them stay with family or friends while the move is taking place. The day will be stressful enough without having to look after the little ones when moving home.

Don’t forget to cancel your deliveries of milk and newspapers if you have them, or indeed any other products that you have delivered to your old address.

If someone in your household tales regular medication, such as prescription tablets or asthma inhalers then make sure these are kept safely at hand. It’s worth noting that the relocation process can often get quite dusty and dirty.

Make sure that you make the transfer of your utility services (gas, electricity, water), telephone companies, TV services to your new home before you move. Also read any meters you have before move day.

Look out for more moving tips from Hobbs Removals and Storage Milton Keynes next month.